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THE INTERNET: At The Network People, Inc, we love the Internet. We've been connected to the 'net since long before it was even called that. Our team is comprised of several Internet gurus. You know the type, T1 lines into their houses (we won't talk about Matt's T3), three computers on each desk, and they speak in techno-jargon using words like bandwidth to describe their own memory faculties. If that's talking a language you understand, poke around on the pages in this section and you'll surely find something of interest.

Most of what you'll find is something we'll call "middle-ware". It's small tools that add additional functionality to common tools of our industry. For example, Logmonster is a utility that makes it VERY easy to feed Apache log files through a log file processor, for any number of vhosts (which it reads from your Apache config file). Other's are simply HOW-TO manuals that walk you through using tools that are complex or poorly documented.