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MySQL Replication Management Utility

Author: Matt Simerson.

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What is Mysql::Replicate::Manager?

A script and bundle of perl methods to manage replicated MySQL servers. When a new slave needs to be configured, this script will ease the pain. When a slave desyncs (happens for a variety of reasons) this tool helps you get it back into sync with a minimum of pain and suffering.

Currently tested and working on: FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris

The script is free, support is not.

Contributions: Purchase items from my wish list or make a PayPal contribution.


Configure .my.cnf (see FAQ), enjoy!


  • -a Archive the mysql databases
  • -b Back up the mysql databases [-d backupdir]
  • -c Copy archive from master to slaves
  • -i Informative display of replication status
  • -l show master Logs
  • -f Force purge master bin-logs (can break replication)
  • -p Purge master bin-logs (w/o breaking slaves)
  • -s Shutdown [master/slaves]
  • -x eXtract archive on slave(s)


Last modified on 5/13/05.