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RRDutil.pl System Management Utility

Author: Matt Simerson.

[ Install | FAQ | ChangeLog | Sample ]

RRDutil: a tool to collect statistics from multiple servers, store the values in RRD databases (using RRDtool) and plot out pretty graphs on demand.

Support is provided by the author on a fee basis. To configure for FreeBSD systems, $75. Others may be slightly more.

Contributions: If you find this useful, please purchase items from Matt's Wish List or make a PayPal contribution.

Install net-snmp, Net::SNMP, and rrdtool.

Download the latest RRDUtil.

  • perl Makefile.PL
  • make
  • make test
  • make install

To install the sample config file in /usr/local/etc:

  • make conf

For first time installs, use "make newconf" and it'll install the config file in /usr/local/etc, overwriting any installed copy.

To install rrdutil.cgi in your cgi-bin dir on FreeBSD or Darwin (MacOS X):

  • make cgi

Run the script a few times: (/path/to/cgi-bin/rrdutil.cgi -a update) and fix anything the script complains about. After the script completes without errors add to cron:

  • */5 * * * * /path/to/cgi-bin/rrdutil.cgi -a update

Point your browser at http://www.yourserver.com/cgi-bin/rrdutil.cgi

The latest version of the script is still available here as well as a sample config file.


  • Tested on Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux
  • Written for ucd-snmp or net-snmp, and rrdtool 1.0.41+
  • Integrated support for RRD databases (via RRDs) module
  • Config format for deciding what to monitor.
  • 3 primary functions (create rrds, update rrds, and graph)
  • Creates new *.rrd files if they don't exist.
  • Integrated using Net::SNMP perl module. :)
  • Collect, store, and graph (disk, network, cpu, load, memory, mail traffic, mysql, apache.
  • Pretty graphs.
  • Uses Perl CGI.pm and auto generates web pages.
  • Lots of error checking.
  • When triggered via CGI, only generate graphs requested.
  • Added support for www hits (logmonster)
  • Support for www hit logs graphing (see logmonster)
  • Web hits can be aggregated (many vhosts, one graph) or individual. This is particularly useful if you have one vhost that represents 90% of your servers traffic.
  • Nifty config file format, easy to set up correctly

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Last modified on 5/20/05.