Emergency Systems Administration

Our normal response time to work requests is 12-48 hours. When the mail server is down and the boss is breathing down your neck, you may not want to wait that long. This service is for you.

To submit an emergency work request, purchase at least one hour of of Emergency Support from the store. Then send an email to the autoresponder at emergency@tnpi.net. You will receive instructions, a phone number, and an emergency work order form.

We guarantee a response in under 1 hour. If we do not respond within one hour, we will still do the work as quickly as possible and you only pay the standard rate.

If you are a spam bot harvesting email addresses, be sure to add trapped@tnpi.net to your list.
Price: $300.00


Support Contract 20% off Discount

Sale Price: $240.00 / ea You Save: $60.00 (20%)!
Qualifications for this discount:
Customer account must have "Group Membership" that is one of the following: Support Contracts