Mail Toaster Upgrade

Upgrade any version of Mail::Toaster to the latest release. This includes upgrading all FreeBSD ports related to email and all Mail::Toaster dependencies. Typical client impact is less than one minute of downtime. On occasion, 5-10 minutes for webmail applications.

If you have radically customized your installation, additional charges may apply. If there are any problems related to functionality before the upgrade, please inform us then. It will most likely not cost any extra to repair them during the upgrade, but discovering problems can cost us time, which will cost you money.

Upgrade pricing assumes a speedy internet connection and an OS that is no more than 2 major revisions old. OS upgrades are separate (if required).

Typical upgrades takes 2-3 hours.
Price: $300.00


Support Contract 20% off Discount

Sale Price: $240.00 / ea You Save: $60.00 (20%)!
Qualifications for this discount:
Customer account must have "Group Membership" that is one of the following: Support Contracts