NicTool Upgrade (from BIND)

Install NicTool Server and Client on your server. The server is preferably running a stable version of FreeBSD or CentOS and does not have anything else running on it. Installation requires MySQL, Apache, assorted perl modules and support programs and we prefer to install everything.

We will also configure your DNS servers and set up the export processes which pull the NicTool managed DNS data from MySQL and export it to your authoritative DNS servers. When we are finished, you can point your web browser at the DNS server, log in, and have full control over your DNS via an easy to use web interface.

We import all your legacy BIND zone data into NicTool. Additional charges may apply if you have a non-standard BIND configuration, multiple primary servers to import from, or an extremely large quantity (many thousands) of domains to import.
Price: $400.00


Support Contract 20% off Discount

Sale Price: $320.00 / ea You Save: $80.00 (20%)!
Qualifications for this discount:
Customer account must have "Group Membership" that is one of the following: Support Contracts