Mail Toaster

Mail Toaster is a free framework that integrates a collection of open-source software into a full-featured mail server running on FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac OS X. Matt Simerson is the primary author and maintainer of the toaster. There is a community of toaster owners who participate in the web forums and the GitHub project.


NicTool is a free DNS management suite that takes the pain out of managing DNS. NicTool includes an attractive web interface for users, admins, and clients to access and update DNS data. NicTool also includes an API for provisioning systems and scripts. DNS data is stored in SQL and extracted by export scripts to the DNS server of choice (tinydns, BIND, PowerDNS, and NSD).

DNS updates are parsed for validity before acceptance. All changes are logged, making it easy to determine who changed what and when. Zones and/or records can be delegated to users or group of users. Others can be granted permission to publish to your DNS servers, but not edit them.

NicTool works great for managing one zone or a million zones. Learn more on the NicTool Web Site.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates

Mail Toaster provides your clients with a number of ways to send and receive their emails securely. Unfortunately, all the SSL certificates are unsigned by default. If you have your own CA (Certificate Authority) you can self-sign the certificates and then install your CA cert in all your users browsers/email clients. That's the only way to prevent them from getting the "invalid certificate" errors every time they securely check their mail. Or you can install a real certificate. This is a real SSL certificate.

Purchase this with your Mail Toaster Installation and we'll install it for free. Your SSL certificate must be installed seperately for the POP3-SSL, IMAP-SSL, HTTPS, and SMTP-TLS servers.