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Apache (1,2) : Secure HTTP server

In addition to installing the version of Apache you select, toaster_setup will also install mod_php, mod_ssl, mod_perl. It will take care to install the appropriate versions for use with your version of Apache.

How Apache is configured based on your settings in toaster-watcher.conf:

  • install_apache = 2 # 0, 1, 2

If you already have Apache installed, set install_apache to be your installed version. toaster_setup will detect the installed version and not rebuild it. If you want apache installed, choose 1 or 2 for apache version 1.3 or 2.0. Unless you have a specific reason to run apache 1.x, 2.0 is recommended.

There are additional notes for PHP.

Apache 1 will compile a static Apache with mod_perl, mod_ssl, and mod_php. It can only be compiled statically due to issues with the mod_perl implementation. The Apache 1 build is deprecated but still works. You may need to hand edit Apache.pm and update the version numbers to the latest ones.

  • install_apache_user = www
  • install_apache2_modperl = 1 # 0, 1, ver

Since Apache 2 works fine with mod_perl2 compiled as a DSO, you have the option of whether or not you want it installed. It is required for NicTool.

  • install_apache_suexec = 0 # 0, 1
  • install_apache_proxy = 0 # 0, 1

Both these options are there for folks that need them. If you do, you know why. Otherwise, leave them disabled.

What httpd.conf changes are needed?

See contrib/httpd.conf-2.0.diff in the Mail::Toaster distribution.

The changes are automatically applied for you if you allow Mail::Toaster to install Apache.

Last modified on 4/29/05.