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PHP is primarily a language suited for web servers. "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor." When the Mail Toaster installs Apache, PHP is installed as an adjunct. Several components of the Mail Toaster require the mod_php Apache module (squirrelmail, HORDE/IMP, phpMyAdmin), and some optional components also require the commandline interface for full functionality.

What options do I select?

When you install PHP from FreeBSD ports, you'll be presented with a few input boxes that want you to select which options you want selected. In this first one, you'll need to select which version of Apache you are installing. The default is deselected but the Mail::Toaster defaults to using Apache 2 so you'll need to select that.

Which version and type of PHP gets installed?

Mail::Toaster installs the full version as as found in the ports tree at /usr/ports/lang/phpX. This includes the CLI, so you will be able to run PHP apps from the commandline, too. In the prehistoric (before 2.0) past, only mod_php was installed by the Toaster. While it may seem appropriate to only install mod_php, believe us when we tell you to just stick with a full PHP install.

If you read "perldoc Mail::Toaster::Apache", you will see an explanation of the reasoning behind this. As an important side note, if you already have installed mod_php, will need to uninstall it and replace it with the full PHP. Of course, since mod_php is included in the full PHP install, your mod_php should get reinstalled when you run " -s apache".

by Billy Newsom

Last modified on 4/28/05.