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Mail::Toaster (4.06) by Matt Simerson.
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mail : toaster : configuration

How to configure your Mail::Toaster

The toaster has two main configuration files, toaster.conf and toaster-watcher.conf. These should be configured during step 4 of the installation process. On most platforms, both of these files live in /usr/local/etc. Make changes to these files to customize your Mail::Toaster build.

The reason for having two config files is security. The toaster-watcher.conf file is available only to programs with root privileges (toaster-watcher.pl, toaster_setup.pl). This is because passwords and other security sensitive information is stored in that file.

toaster-watcher.conf controls options relating to:

  • where files are kept on your particular server
  • settings related to how the toaster is built
  • what programs and options are installed
  • where programs and run files are installed
  • run time parameters used to configure daemons
  • how the toaster's logs should be processed.

toaster.conf is for everything else (mailadmin, index.cgi, maillogs)


  • David Chaplin-Loebell
  • Matt Simerson

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