iDisk : web interface

Started by ekyme, November 11, 2007, 07:16:04 PM

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I created a personnal iDisk with my webdav server thanks to your contributions.

Now I try to implement a web interface for my personnal iDisk, because I cannot always mount a webdav disk depending on the machine I work (for example, at work, we have no webdav access).

I started from apple web interface and my web interface is able to :

- show and browse through folders exactly like the official apple web interface
- delete files or folders
- create folders
* dowload files

I still have these to implement :

- uploading files (I can create the files but their body are empty).

If anyone tried something similar, I would be happy to exchange.

I am not a professionnal : so this is a way for me to learn all these protocols.