DIY .mac on a Mac OS 10.4.8 Server

Started by Cedric, October 04, 2006, 01:56:10 PM

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I found your tutorial and i like to get it working with my mac os x server.
I stuck up at the point with the restricted access and also at the point with the scripts.

I can't find the needed file to get it working and i have no fu*** idea were i should install these scripts and mods.
Please can somebody help me?

I can mount the webdav at my server and it was shown as idisk, but by selecting idisk from the menu he says that he can't find the volumen and entering at the system pref also does not work.

By the way Ottos site is down, can somebody send me the needed informations from this page?

As an return for your help i will try to make a howto for mac servers and an installer with this public.

Thanks alot for upcoming answers,


A little update:
Klicking idisk on the menu does now work, i don't have any idea why. :D


But i have no permissions to write on it! ??? >:(


And...I found a heavy bug in mac os x!!!!
i mounted the webdav via the menuitem or the keyshortcut and than i mounted it also via "connect to server".
Now i have two idisks and in a result finder crash, followed by coreservicesd!
Also the icons screwed up in the finder. To get back to the normal i restarted the finder.

4th post this evening (Germany) now its up to yours:-)