Backup to idisk (without webdav patch)

Started by tanche, April 05, 2006, 06:15:49 AM

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If followed the instructions on and got some things working:

  • iDisk via cmd-shift-i in finder
  • dotMac Preferences Pane
  • Backup Application (without iDisk Support)

I am using the Apache/1.3.33 webserver that is buildin os x 10.4.4.

problem if i chose the idisk as a backup destination in the i get the following error message:

Connected to .MacBegin backup at 2006-04-05 14:01:21.875 +0200Scanning files...Could not acquire a destination for the backup.End backup at 2006-04-05 14:01:23.400 +0200

I'm using Matt Simerson's static disk-usage script

#!/bin/sh echo Content-type: text/plainecho cat << EOT{payload = {guestReadEnabled = Y;guestWriteEnabled = N;hasGeneralPassword = N;iDiskQuotaInBytes = 1048576000;iDiskUsedBytes = 339338752;relativePath = Public;};statusCode = success;}EOT

is this the problem or the fact that i am using Apache 1.3.3 with an unpatched version of the webdav module ? Or is it something else ?

Thanx in Advance.


patch your webdav
backup WILL check for available space on your idisk