Does that tutorial work for users running Tiger?

Started by lsuperguy, October 04, 2005, 04:49:54 PM

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I went through the tutorial, but I couldn't get backup to actually work.  Webdav was fine and I installed the scripts right (although I converted them to PHP).  But when I run backup it won't work, it just brings up a thing that says I don't have .mac and points me to the .Mac prefrence pannel.  

My questions:
1. will this method allow the .Mac preference pannel work in tiger?
2. How do I apply a patch to mod_dav?
3. How do I patch it when I compilled apache with mod_dav already?

thanks guys.


Try typing things into the .mac username and password fields (If you have password protection on WebDAV, type in that password, otherwise, I don't think it matters).