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Started by danone, July 08, 2005, 11:29:00 AM

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First, I'd like to know where I can find a resume about each monitor types details ?

the conf file is quite exhaustive, but there is no mention of type such as cpu or info.
For example how can I do to display uptime, or other things of the 'System OID' section ?

How does the 'disk' type work ? I can't have disk mointoring despite the use of the right OIDs...

Ok, I'll try to express myself in a better English :

is there a user/developer guide ?
I'd like to display information (for example, uptime), and use types I've seen in the sources (such as 'disk', but I don't know how it works.


Rob Lensen

There is no development doc, however if you have some perl knowledge adding features isn't difficult.

The important files:
In this file the rrdtool data types are defined. So how the rrd file should be made.

Here are the functions of how the created rrd data files should be graphed. For each type of data files there is a function

Here the top selection menu bar is created.

In this file the created data type files are filled with data from SNMP.

That's all


Thanks a million for those details.

It might also helps me to understand my other pb about the lack of checkboxes on the load of the cgi script.