"my" RRDutil problems fixed, with a few changes.

Started by koobs, May 12, 2005, 11:40:37 AM

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For those who have had trouble with mail user agent connection and/or apache request and/or spam/rlb graphs not working, or not polling correctly, a bit of dianogsis came up with the following changes for "MY" clients FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE toaster. Seems .4 returns null data  for me. which is why pop3 data wasnt being returned. Perhaps the cause is the same as your own graph-less-ness. Very Happy

# Web Hit Oid
webOid  = .

# Mail Oids
mail_send = .
mail_smtp = .
mail_pop3 = . # (was .4 - Corrected)
mail_imap = .
mail_rbl  = .
mail_web  = .
mail_spam = . # (Was .8 - Corrected)
mail_qs   = . # (Was .9 - Corrected)

# Mysql Oids
mysql_type    = .
mysql_queries = .

# Apache Oids (was .12 - Corrected)
apacheOid = .

Matt, little help mate.. what is/was webOid and how does it differ from apacheOid, what data is "meant" to be extracted? since my .1 was apache data , as opposed to the default .12 in the stock install. I cant help but think im missing something now?

Secondly, is there anyway to get mysql data polled if MySQL  is on another box? I have vpopmail using a different server, and would like to get mysql stats running on the same rrdutil page.

And lastly, is there anyway to have webmail (and other related web apps that came with the toaster) installed/working on that same remote box as the auth db (since thats my internal clients webserver). I'd like to minimise the need for apache & mod_* on the mail server if it can be done.