wiki or not to wiki?

Started by netgeek, February 16, 2004, 07:20:58 PM

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I use proftpd and they have an open documention system, they use wiki for thiers.
here is a link to one i think is quite good:" target="_blank">
You would then be able to appoint certian users to write docs or let anyone write them if you wished to.


I've used wikis successfully on other projects but I worry about having too many different places to discuss the project.  We've already got a mailing list and a web forum; the web forum gets much less attention from the community than the mailing list does.  I worry that a wiki would fragment that attention even further.


I'd say that it would/should be EITHER the wikki or the board, Absolutely NOT both.

However, I can say that the wikki I also work on, there is a difference in the "close-ness" as opposed to the wiki.

Note: I also do: Openbsd/, as well as Solaris, Mandrake, <no newmandrake  machines anymore> and even (yuch: windoze)


It would be nice to have a wikki where only known facts could be centralized.

The board and mail list could be around for hashing out details, and the wikki for rapid, easy deployment of how to's, faq's and docs known to be correct.

This kind of setup would be attractive to me.
Peter Brezny