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Started by davidcl, February 16, 2004, 09:56:12 AM

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Just to make I configured my toaster.conf and toaster-watcher.conf

The host name of the machine is tomq.
My internet domain is:
My internal IP is
When I sent/receive my emails they came in such format (before the toaster upgrade, now they don't come hehehe):" target="_blank">
admin_adminhost        =        # the "master" server in
a cluster
admin_fileservers      =        # all file servers in
this array
admin_mailservers      =

toaster_hostname               =

Thank you much for your help and tips and just a FYI - I'm just a student and not a multi-million dollar company... Best Regards, Anton
Kind regards, Anton



The settings you posted look just fine.  However, none of those settings has a damn thing to do with your ability to receive mail.


Just a quick note on the config file docs.

Now that the initial revision of the docs are done, available on the web, and distributed with the toaster, Matt and I have both been making patches to the docs when Matt releases a new version of the toaster.  Although the docs will probably lag the config files by a version or too, you can assume that the docs distributed with the toaster are reasonably complete.

Last night, for example, I sent Matt a bunch of changes to the docs.  Now every config option available in 3.38 is included.  These docs are live on" target="_blank"> now, and will be included with the next distribution of the Toaster tarball.