getting rrdutil.cgi to monitor 3Com switch 1100

Started by gelsemap, July 13, 2004, 02:25:13 AM

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hi there,

I tried to add my 3com switch to the rrdutil.conf with the howto found on the rrdutil section.

snmpwalk -v 1 -c public .

Which gave me a long list; since I am only interested in port 1 I will spare you the whole list.
interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.1 =interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.2 = 3Com Switch  type:SLIPinterfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.101 = RMON:V2 Port 1

So I added this to rrdutil.conf
auth2     =, snmp, 1, publicmonitor43 =, net, RMON:V2 Port 1, router

But on execution of rrdutil.cgi -a update I get an error: ERROR: couldn't find oid for RMON:V2 Port 1!
According to the how-to I should copy the String part into rrdutil.conf, which I have done. Unfortunately it doesn't work.

If someone has some information or tips which could get it to work I would be pleased. I don't mind reading any manuals and already scavenged some search engines for it, without any luck.

Thanks in advance.



Im guessing it cant find "RMON:V2 Port 1" in a MIB so its complaining. Does it work if you specify the oid? something like . perhaps?

There are a couple of good graphical SNMP explorers out ther that really help for stuff like this.


When I enter that 101 on the end I get the same part which I entered as string.

hulk# snmpwalk -v 1 -c public . = RMON:V2 Port 1

I will do a search on snmp explorers to see what I have to use to monitor this specific port.

Is there a link where I can quickly read through the meaning of all those figures and dots, so I could get an understanding of that command?




I think I see the problem now, its asking for the interface description(ifDescr). Nomally youd want something like inOctets or whatnot to catch traffic. I must admit I havnt done anything custom with RRDutil, just MRTG, but you might be looking at the wrong point in the MIB.

Check some of the tools here:" target="_blank">
Ive used Loriot (" target="_blank"> before and it works well, though a little slow to start IIRC." target="_blank"> has a list of 3Com MIBs so you should be able to get one for your switch.