rrdutil and apache stats

Started by gjsiiger, April 16, 2004, 01:57:51 PM

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I would like to see how my Apache is doing with the "apache" feature in rrdutil but I can't figure out how to enable that part.

My snmpd.conf is setup correctly, and I can poll data via the script:

So that part work, but how to get it listed in rrdutil.cgi I don't know.

Any thoughts ?

BR, Gorm


have a look in rrdutil.conf.



rrdutil says:

monitor35 = localhost, apache,    workers,       apache_workers
monitor36 = localhost, apache,    bytes_per_req, apache_bytes_per_req
monitor37 = localhost, apache,    req_per_sec,   apache_req_per_sec

apacheOid = .

What more do I need ?

Rob Lensen

Is the OID ok?
Check the manpage of snmpwalk for the correct syntax
(snmpwalk -c public localhost ....)