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Started by rainer_d, July 20, 2014, 11:51:13 AM

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I intend to use the nsd export, with nsd4.
So, I have three nameservers: dns1 dns2 and dns3 and the nictool-server as a fourth server independent of those three.

As the Makefile says to config the nsd.conf to the current export-dir, I assume I have to have three different nsd.conf files, pointing to the three different export-dirs, right?
The Makefile would have to reflect that by forcing nsd-control to use the appropriate config-file.
But when I run nsd-control rebuild on the NicTool-Server, it seems nsd-control wants to connect to an actual nsd-server.
Does nsd-control actually provide a "rebuild" keyword anymore?

Usage: nsd-control [options] command
Remote control utility for nsd server.
Version 4.0.3. Report bugs to <>.
  -c file config file, default is /usr/local/etc/nsd/nsd.conf
  -s ip[@port] server address, if omitted config is used.
  -h show this usage help.
  start start server; runs nsd(8)
  stop stops the server
  reload [<zone>] reload modified zonefiles from disk
  reconfig reload the config file
  repattern the same as reconfig
  log_reopen reopen logfile (for log rotate)
  status display status of server
  stats print statistics
  stats_noreset peek at statistics
  addzone <name> <pattern> add a new zone
  delzone <name> remove a zone
  write [<zone>] write changed zonefiles to disk
  notify [<zone>] send NOTIFY messages to slave servers
  transfer [<zone>] try to update slave zones to newer serial
  force_transfer [<zone>] update slave zones with AXFR, no serial check
  zonestatus [<zone>] print state, serial, activity
  serverpid get pid of server process
  verbosity <number> change logging detail

The nsd-documentation says, the db-file is created the first time nsd is started.

Can anyone who is using nsd share how exactly (s)he is doing so?

Thanks in advance.
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I'm assuming you are using the latest version of NicTool, and your Makefile looks like the one shown here:

Beyond that, I can't help much. I had NSD 3 running for a time, and now I'm using Knot on that server (main reason: dog food the Knot exports). Perhaps when I have time to spend on NicTool again, I'll switch another server to NSD 4 and improve the process and docs.

Or you can do it for me, and submit a PR. :-)


In the mean time, I used the knot export.
Can't be bothered with getting all the BIND options right, all the time...and then figuring out which defaults have changed since the last major release...again...

NSD4 uses a different format in the configuration file to configure zones.
It's not BIND-style anymore.

I used this:
to create an export for knot and my rsync seems to have compression enabled since recently, so I edited the Makefile to that effect.
Also, it creates a supervise directory which rsync can't work on while working as user "nictool", so I excluded that, too, in the Makefile.

But apart from that, it seems to be working and is (IMO) reasonably straightforward even for my co-workers who haven't been exposed to it for ten years ;-)

BTW: Time::TAI64 is the only thing that does not exist as a FreeBSD port.

Thanks for maintaining and updating the software over all this time.
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I can't find how to export to NSD in proper way , when i run it has update named.conf.nictool for BIND and NSD can't
load this configuration !!!!


As I said, the nsd-export is nsd3 only.
Someone has to fix it or you have to switch to something else.
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Rainer is correct, the NSD exports only work with NSD 3 (which is now deprecated). The Export::NSD class needs to be updated to export new for NSD 4.