We all owe Matt a big Thanks he is a good man!

Started by ksscendyn, August 12, 2011, 05:16:33 PM

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I was all of 23 years old moving down to California working for Qaulcomm tier II tech support for Eudora email Windows/Mac/Servers and a man gives me a CD for being the best on the call desk taking 75 calls a day with a %90 succession rate.  It was FreeBSD 3.11-Stable... I would later come to realize what an impact its had on my life... Over all these years I found Matt on the web searching for what my calling in life was...  Thank you for what you do Matt and keep rocking it man!

~Karate Kurt

Portland Oregon

www.kconsulting.org / www.kurtshosting.com
--Lil Van Dammage