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Mail::Toaster includes SPF support based upon SPF rc4 by

How do I enable SPF?

You need to set a value in /var/qmail/control/spfbehavior. From "man 8 qmail-smtpd"

spfbehavior - Set to a value between 1 and 6 to enable SPF checks;

  • 0 - disable.
  • 1 - 'annotate-only' mode, where qmail-smtpd will annotate incoming email with Received-SPF fields, but will not reject.
  • 2 - produce temporary failures on DNS lookup problems to make sure you have meaningful Received-SPF headers.
  • 3 - 'reject' mode, incoming mail will be rejected if the SPF record says 'fail'.
  • 4 - a more stricter rejection mode, which is like 'reject' mode, except that incoming mail will also be rejected when the SPF record says 'softfail'.
  • 5 - reject when the SPF record says 'neutral'
  • 6 - if no SPF records are available (or a syntax error was encountered) the contents of this file are overridden by the value of the SPFBEHAVIOR environment variable, if set.

Default is 0.

Last modified on 4/28/05.