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Maildrop - web site

Maildrop is a mail delivery agent, just like vdelivermail, procmail, etc. Support is integrated into Mail::Toaster, as is a very sophisticated filtering ruleset. If the message has no spam tags, maildrop will try to run it through spamassassin. If the user has configured any filtering rules (using Sqwebmail) it honors them. It understands and honors the mailbox quotas. By default, it reports any messages with spam scores higher than 12 and then nukes them. Any messages with spam scores between 5 and 12 will get delivered to the users Spam folder which they can access via WebMail or IMAP.

The default mailfilter included with the toaster does the following:

1. passes messages through SpamAssassin

2. Process any user specific rules

3. verify users mail quotas

4. delete any message with a spam score > 12

5. report spam to distributed lists

6. Deliver spam message to Spam folder

7. bounce message if Mailbox is over quota

The mailfilter file is located at /usr/local/etc/mail/mailfilter. It is updated when you upgrade your Mail::Toaster and old copies are saved as mailfilter.timestamp.

Last modified on 4/7/05.