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vpopmail : Virtual Domain module

Vpopmail is the virtual core of Mail::Toaster. All the user authentication, permissions, quota, and other settings that relate to email users and virtual domains is managed by vpopmail and it's collection of tools. Vpopmail supports a variety of storage modules (cdb, MySQL, /etc/passwd, etc) for storing user account info. It's versatile enought to handle converting users from any other type of solution to it via password learning and ip maps for virtualized authentication.

Vpopmail is hosted on sourceforge and has a very active mailing list and Inter7 supporting it.

What is the MySQL query command for setting up Vpopmail?

This command is run automatically by the vpopmail install section of toaster_setup. If if fails (because it can't connect to the database, mysql isn't running, etc) it prints out this message with the values filled in place of the variables show below.

  • CREATE DATABASE vpopmail;
  • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON $db.* TO $user@"$host" IDENTIFIED BY '$pass';
  • use vpopmail;
  • CREATE TABLE relay (
    • ip_addr char(18) NOT NULL default '',
    • timestamp char(12) default NULL,
    • name char(64) default NULL, PRIMARY KEY (ip_addr)
  • quit;

The values are filled in from your settings in toaster-watcher.conf.

Why is vpopmail installed twice on FreeBSD?

If if specify a version other than "port" on FreeBSD, then the version of vpopmail in ports will be installed first (to register in the ports db) and then the version number you specify will be installed over it.

Last modified on 5/12/05.