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update toaster-watcher.conf

cd /usr/local/etc
sdiff -o tmp toaster-watcher.conf toaster-watcher.conf-dist
mv tmp toaster-watcher.conf

update toaster.conf

cd /usr/local/etc
sdiff -o tmp toaster.conf toaster.conf-dist
mv tmp toaster.conf



Make your .conf files resemble the -dist files, with your local customizations. Use sdiff to merge the differences and create a new file. If the differences are great, it may be easier to alter the new version with your old changes.

If pkgtools.conf-dist does not exist in /usr/local/etc, copy it there from the Mail::Toaster/contrib directory. If you have make customizations to toaster-watcher.conf, make sure they are reflected in pkgtools.conf.

If you are not familiar with sdiff, you might want to read the man page for it. Essentially, it shows you both files and you choose which parts you wish to have in your new file. There is nothing magic about it but if you have some other tool you prefer to use, then by all means do so. Sdiff is a very handy tool worth knowing.

For help understand what all the settings in toaster-watcher.conf are for, read 'perldoc toaster.conf' or 'perldoc toaster-watcher.conf'. Those are the man pages and contain descriptions of what many of the settings are for.