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Logmonster ChangeLog

3.09 - Apr 2013

  • packaging changes

3.08 - Dec 2012

  • added missing URL dependency
  • updated bin/install_deps.pl

3.07 - Oct 2012

  • removed Perl.pm
  • updated Utility.pm to v 5.35
  • stripped out apache httpd.conf parsing. Instead, detect vhosts from the log files (works with any http server)
  • added confdir (path to processor config files)
  • statsdir is now a full path to a directory
  • the 'drop logs into vhost docroot" feature is gone, pending a clever way to reliably deduce the vhost document root for various web servers.
  • removed vhost config option
  • added default_vhost option
  • moved _progress subs into Logmonster.pm
  • removed get_domains_list, check_stats_dir, get_domains_list_from_directories, get_vhosts_from_file, install_default_awstats_conf, turn_domains_into_sort_key
  • abstracted new subs: get_log_files, spam_check, open_vhost_handle, report_matches, report_spam_hits, report_bad_hits,
  • added lighttpd config entries to instructions

3.05 - Sep 2008

  • removed inc/* from distribution
  • updated Makefile.PL, adding LICENSE and missing dependencies
  • moved logmonster.pl into bin dir
  • replaced bin/install_freebsd_deps.sh with install_deps.pl
  • added 'make deps' target to Makefile.PL

3.04 - Nov 2007

  • included "inc"' in modules
  • Utility.pm - only attempt to use sudo as a last resort
  • Utility.pm & Utility.t- synced with Mail::Toaster
  • moved Regexp::Log to inc dir

3.03 - Feb 17, 2007

  • Utility.pm - only attempt to use sudo as a last resort
  • bin/install_freebsd_deps.sh - install Regexp::Log port

3.02 - Feb 16, 2007

  • added support for detecting dynamic mass virtual hosting
  • evaluate log for referrer spam and discard the referral spam.
  • optional referral spam reporting
  • the hits-per-vhost was only counting the number of hits for the master domain. Domain alias hits weren't showing up in the hits-per-vhost report.
  • added bin/install_freeebsd_deps.sh installer
  • default log location is now /var/log/http (was /var/log/apache)
  • added Regexp::Log::Logmonster - uses a compiled regexp to parse log entries (very useful for evaluate for referrer spam).

3.01 - Feb 2, 2007

  • Added Params::Validate dependency to Makefile.PL
  • Fixed bug where time offset was being ignored.
  • Checks more locations for awstats.pl (needs to become a config file settings).
  • Removed an unnecessary dependency on Mail::Toaster in Utility.pm.

3.00rc2 - Oct 14, 2006

  • updated usage examples
  • added FAQ
  • updated META.yml to new format
  • email report formatting - added OUTPUT_AUTOFLUSH b/c printing to *STDERR flushes immediately and mixed print statements did not. Email report is better formatted now.
  • added inc/Module/Install
  • added Build.PL
  • added examples/daily_email_report.txt
  • Logmonster.pm
    • debug was not being set properly, report formatting tweaks
  • Utility.pm
    • added _progress sub

3.00rc1 - Oct 02, 2006 (no public release)

massive code overhaul

This new version is mostly about code quality and maintainability (not new features). The large chunks of code have been modularized into smaller subroutines and tests have been written to test the functionality of each sub. There are now 102 different tests (was 23) in the test suite. Added t/Test-coverage.pl, t/Logmonster.t, t/pod.t, t/pod-coverage, t/00.load

Nearly all the "working" code has been moved into lib/Apache/Logmonster.pm. Logmonster.pl is now a "shell" consisting of a little bit of code and a lot of documentation.

All the functions are now Object Oriented. Time will tell if that is a A Good Thing[TM] but it makes reading the code and understanding where all the calls are going much, much easier. added doc/*

The documentation has been significantly updated, addressing many of the common questions and comments I have received.

The reporting has been overhauled. You still get the same information but by default, if everything is okay it runs entirely silently. A single -v will output status messages that make for a nice birds eye view of your web log traffic. You can add additional -v options for even more verbose reporting.

Interface change: instead of -m for month, -d for day, and -h for hour, you use a -i [hour|day|month] option. The old -mdh options are officially deprecated but will continue to work for the indefinte future.

synced lib/Apache/Logmonster/Perl & Utility with Mail::Toaster 5 versions.

Logmonster Changelog Archives have changes to older versions.