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mail server software

If you want something installed "your way", then install it first and update toaster-watcher.conf accordingly. will detect your installed version and use it. -s pre -s mysql (optional) -s ucspi -s ezmlm -s vpopmail -s qmail -s maildrop -s dovecot

webmail applications

Webmail applications are entirely optional, as is running a web server. They are however, convenient for users and administrators. -s webmail -s apache | lighttpd -s qmailadmin -s squirrelmail -s roundcube -s sqwebmail

Edit mt-top.html to select which webmail interfaces are presented as options to your users. There is also support for v-webmail and Horde/IMP on the Mail Toaster login page but they must be manually installed.


MySQL Password Note

There are several places where the setup scripts will connect to the MySQL db server. If you have already installed MySQL and configured a root password, these database connections may fail. When this happens, the queries are printed out in your terminal and you must log into MySQL and run them manually.

The simple solution for dealing with this is to store your MySQL credentials in ~/.my.cnf. Configure the user and pass in the [mysql] section, exactly as you would for the mysql client. For security, make sure the file is chmod 600!

FreeBSD notes

Some ports prompt for options. If you don't know what to select, see the notes section. The defaults are typically sensible. If there is no note, leave the defaults and continue.

If has problems, fix what it complains about and run it again. It will continue where it left off. If you want something installed "your" way, install it yourself, configure toaster-watcher.conf accordingly, and continue. The installer will detect the installation and continue.

If you find a port that won't compile, try installing the package (ie. "pkg_add -r expat" ) instead.

Darwin notes

You can skip the apache build step as you already have Apache installed. You will need to enable mod_php in httpd.conf as it is required by squirrelmail. Edit /etc/httpd/httpd.conf and uncomment mod_php.