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Install Ports

bin/ -s ports

On systems that have a port or package management system, using them is preferred. Many applications can be built from ports simply by setting their version to "port" in toaster-watcher.conf.

Support is included for FreeBSD and Darwin ports. Support for other port mechanisms can be added by coding a module that has methods for updating the ports tree and installing software packages.


Before building the Mail Toaster applications, update your ports tree. You can do this by following the instructions in the excellent FreeBSD handbook, or use the build target provided by Mail Toaster.

bin/ -s ports

To upgrade any ports or packages that are already installed on your system, run portmaster in automatic mode:

portmaster -a

Darwin (Mac OS X)

Install Mac Ports by following the directions at the Mac Ports web site. Begin by installing the latest binary version from the Mac Ports web site.

Once completed, Mac Ports should work.

port sync
port -v selfupdate

You can keep your ports tree updated with port sync or by using the Mail Toaster build script with the ports target:

bin/ -s ports

Last, you want to update your path so that the port supplied version of perl is found before the system supplied version. If your shell is bash, that is done for you by the Mac Ports installer. Otherwise, add a line like this to /etc/bashrc:

export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH

When you open a new terminal session and type "perl -v" the result should be perl 5.8.8, which is the port supplied version. The system supplied version in Tiger is perl 5.8.6.


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