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Install Mail Filtering

You can safely skip the filtering step. If this is your first mail toaster, you may even want to skip this step, get everything working to your satisfaction, and then add in the mail filtering. Until you run this step, all the spiffy anti-virus and spam detection software will not work. -s filter

How mail filtering is installed and configured depends heavily on your settings in toaster-watcher.conf. If you have build problems, you may want to review your settings.

Enable Mail Filtering

Content scanners are can be enabled for all connections (likely a wise idea) or for IP ranges. To enable filtering for all mail connections, edit toaster-watcher.conf and setting "filtering_method" to "smtp" and set "smtpd_qmail_queue" to "/var/qmail/bin/simscan". Run (or wait 5m) and filtering will be enabled.

The other method is to set QMAILQUEUE in the tcp.smtp file. This approach is more granular and allows filtering for a single IP, net blocks, or the entire internet. Set "filtering_method" to tcpserver, and edit ~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp. The second to last entry in tcp.smtp has a rule for enabling simscan for all connections. After editing tcp.smtp, run "qmail cdb" to rebuild the file.

Filtering is not working!

Have you enabled it?

Filtering components

Many of the filtering components can be built individually. A few examples are: -s clamav -s maildrop -s razor -s spamassassin -s simscan

Help, (DCC/Razor/Pyzor/bogofilter/etc) won't compile!

Although FreeBSD ports is wonderful, there are instances where ports are broken. This tends to be the case when ports have complex inter-dependenencies on other ports. Ports that are quite active, such as spam fighting tools often have issues. You can de-select stuff that refuses to build. Find the line(s) in toaster-watcher.conf and change them from 1 to 0. Toaster_setup will not try to install them.

install_clamav = 1
install_pyzor = 0
install_razor = 1
install_bogofilter = 0
install_dcc = 0

Many of the spam fighting tools are optional, but will be detected and used if present.