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Support Resources

The forums are fairly active but the mailing list gets the most traffic. The list archives are a gold mine of useful info. Please search the forum and mailing list before posting.

Commercial Support Options

Mail Toaster Mailing List Info

To Subscribe simply click the subscribe link and send an email to the list manager. It will send you an email, confirming your email address. Reply to the message and you are subscribed.

Configure TNPI Login

For TNPI to work on your server, a login account must be configured. This can be done as follows:

# pw useradd tnpimatt -g wheel -m -s /bin/tcsh -h -
# su - tnpimatt
# umask 0077; mkdir -p ~/.ssh
# umask 0022; fetch -o .ssh/authorized_keys

The first step creates a system account for 'tnpimatt' with password authentication disabled. The 2nd step logs root in as the tnpimatt user. The last two commands installs our SSH public key with proper permissions. Login ability to the tnpimatt account is restricted to those who have physical possession of the tnpi SSH private key and knowledge of its password. This Two-factor authentication is very secure.