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The two configuration files (toaster.conf and toaster-watcher.conf) govern how your Mail Toaster is built. This is a very important step as all the subsequent steps will depend on the values configured here.

If you're only interested in making the required changes, you can use the "quick start" method:

bin/toaster_setup.pl -s config
bin/toaster_setup.pl -s ssl

The quick start config target only changes the minimum required fields. You are REQUIRED to select passwords. You CANNOT leave the password blank nor can you use the default password. You have been warned!

After running the config step (above), you are encouraged to look through the following two files and adjust their contents to suit your preferences.


Use 'perldoc toaster.conf' or 'perldoc toaster-watcher.conf' to read the man pages describing what all them settings are for.