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Mail-Toaster-4.10 issues?

Started by spiders, April 28, 2006, 12:05:33 AM

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We just moved a domain from an older version of vpopmail on a non Mail:Toaster machine to a newly setup Mail:Toaster machine (FreeBSD 6.0, Mail-Toaster-4.10).

We're seeing two issues:

1. The domain we ported over was not using mysql for vpopmail.  We created the domain on the new machine, copied over all the files from the old machine, and ran  vconvert -c -m on it.  Everything seems fine, except for the fact that via QmailAdmin we can't see any forwards that are setup and also there is not even an option for Aliases (which we also have setup).  Any ideas what might be wrong?

2. The second issue is that it looks like mail is not being passed through t spamd/SpamAssassin.  Everything appears to be setup correctly in the toaster-watcher.pl, I even re-ran toaster-setup.pl -s maildrop.  "grep -i spam"  through the logs in /var/log/mail yeilds no mention of spamd or SpamAssassin.  Maildrop is devliering everything to the users main Maildir, and no Spam mailboxes are being created.

Any assistance on either issue would be appreciated.  If there is more information I can provide, please yell.



Ok, I have fixed issue #2 (I thought I had enabled simscan in the vpopmail tcp.smtp, but had not).

The Alias issue is still a bit of a mystery.  I can load up the valias table by hand, but would rather not - that also does not get my Alias menu item back.  I'll dig into it some more.  Any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated.



i ran into a similar problem when converting... i wrote a small script to parse the .qmail viles and insert them into the alias table

as for the alias entry in qmailadmin, IIUC they're covered under forwards now (is there any functional difference?)