Have a zone exist multiple times

Started by rainer_d, August 30, 2011, 05:15:53 AM

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I would like to know how to achieve this:
Currently, we have a BIND-nameserver with a special "view" that contains a zone which also exists in the "normal view", but with different zone-data.
This is mainly for the intranet of the customer with that zone.
I'm thinking of replacing this setup with nictool and one or two extra dedicated nameservers running onsite at the customer's location (also running their own resolvers), using perhaps nanobsd (it's just single zone, after all....)

I would need to have a zone exist multiple times, though.
Is that possible?

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Instead of having a zone exist multiple times, The Right Solution is to support BiND views or tinydns locations natively in NicTool, and push the management of the views/locations right up into the web interface. That's been on the unofficial TODO list for quite a long time.


And in NicTool 2.10, it's darned near possible. Zones and zone records in NicTool now have a location field in the database. The new export scripts will export the location information to the DNS files. Now it's just a matter of editing NicToolClient to allow editing of location data.