bug in nt_export_djb.pl when doing setting to --make?

Started by shaun, April 11, 2005, 02:18:57 PM

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i've ran into twice now.  I'm just about positive it's a bug.  What happens is that when the export script runs using --make...

exec setuidgid tinydns envdir ./env /var/djbdns/exporter_nsid-1/nt_export_djb.pl -nsid 1 --make all -force

the export status in nictool is always failed even though it was successful.  My ghettofied solution was to change the following line..

$export="FAILED" if $sec_rsync_cdb lt 0;


$export="FAILED" if $sec_rsync_cdb lt 0 && $rsync;

I'm not sure if thats really the best solution but it does make nictool's status say successful.

Just a FYI.