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Started by CyberOdin, January 02, 2005, 01:38:41 PM

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are there any plans to support SRV and LOC record types?

For example M$ Active Directory needs LDAP/Kerberos SRV records to be provided by the DNS server ...
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There are no current plans for any future enhancements for NicTool.  Many future enhancements may be forthcoming, but they always wait for someone to need them and sponsor their development.

A good example is the addition of enhanced support for SPF records in NicTool 1.03.  I added the support because I needed it.

The zone templates were added because a client needed them and sponsored their development.



SRV record support (requiring the SRV patch to tinydns) was added in 2007.

SRV record support was reimplemented in 2011 for tinydns (without patches) and BIND.

LOC record support was added in 2011 to NicToolServer. It can be enabled by editing the resource_record_type table and setting forward=1 for the LOC record type.

It has not been heavily tested.