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Started by LogicX, December 07, 2004, 03:10:18 AM

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  • Copy Zone button -- so that If I have cool-domain.com, cooldomain.com, and cooldomain.us I can just copy and change the zone names
  • Default zones inside sub groups -- make an option to have a 'default zone' that is only a psuedo zone whose records are auto-created when a new zone is added inside that particular sub-group -- (also accept dynamic variables which get filled out when the new zone is created -- so I can have a www IN CNAME domain.com. record auto-created, and records for the MX servers
  • record search option -- let me search for all MX records across zones (or just in particular groups; or that only use a particular dns server)
  • validity checking search -- I say 'show me all zones which contain the following record' (or do not contain) -- good quick way to see which zones I forgot TXT SPF records for
  • Option to mark a record, or a whole zone 'temp' or deleted (but let us see it) -- so that if I need to quickly/temporarily make a change to a record, I can save the current values, do my temp change, and then I have the original values handy for when I change back
  • Timed DNS record changes -- Let me create a record that takes effect in 20 minutes, lasts 60 minutes, then changes to a different value -- This would be great when creating temp records, so you don't forget to clean up.
  • Along with above -- give records expiration dates/times -- would be a nice way to enter in the domain expiration times for domains so you could do a search that returns those times, and you could see when things expire.
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The ability to add AAAA, SRV and NAPTR records.  I only realised this after converting our entire bind system over and importing the zone records that none of our ipv6 resource records were imported.


yah we definately need AAAA, it would be great to enter RR as "other" so we can use whatever RR we need.


Additionally sought:
- easy way to add templates
- probably implies in-database templates
- templates also under the role-model
- i18n-support

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Hi there,

if there would be new types added, I'd adore having the possibility to add records of a type "URL" - PowerDNS Users may know what I'm talking about, since that is a feature of PowerDNS.

Sanity-Check will have to check if the address starts with http:// or https:// and let through ":" "/" and every charakter which can be used in URLs. Case sensitive, of course.

I think this would be an easy one.



Hi Matt,

the Record-Sanity-Checker which ports : to something djbdns can handle only does this with the first occurance of : , but in complex SPF-records : can occur more than once.

Now my request: the translation only should take place when a switch in the config is acitvated.




Hi Matt,
Not sure if this is already supported.
Would like to see automatic creation of the PTR record when creating an A record.


ddorsch: your wish is granted. As of 2.10, colon characters are no longer encoded. They get encoded during export now.