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Importing rDNS v6 zone with nt_import.pl

Started by hrncir, September 26, 2016, 08:45:20 PM

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first I would like to thank you for your great job with NicTool. Now to the point: I have successfully imported all of zones except rDNS IPv6 ones.

Resending error:
[root@cloud-2008 server]# ./bin/nt_import.pl --host --user maitest --pass Loka.lCajpek --file /tmp/reverz.conf --type bind
loading type: bind

Starting import using: /tmp/reverz.conf
zone: e. from /tmp/ipv6
creating zone e.
created zone e. ( 333 )
NS : e. ns1.westmaster.com.
The 'zone_id' parameter (undef) to NicToolServer::Import::Base::nt_create_record was an 'undef', which is not one of the allowed types: scalar
at lib/NicToolServer/Import/Base.pm line 126.
NicToolServer::Import::Base::nt_create_record(undef, 'zone_id', undef, 'type', 'NS', 'name', '', 'address', 'ns1.westmaster.com.', ...) called at lib/NicToolServer/Import/BIND.pm line 109
NicToolServer::Import::BIND::zr_ns('NicToolServer::Import::BIND::Conf_Parser=HASH(0x33c3490)', 'Net::DNS::RR::NS=HASH(0x2da5578)', 'e.') called at lib/NicToolServer/Import/BIND.pm line 73
NicToolServer::Import::BIND::import_zone('NicToolServer::Import::BIND::Conf_Parser=HASH(0x33c3490)', 'e.', '/tmp/ipv6') called at lib/NicToolServer/Import/BIND.pm line 358
NicToolServer::Import::BIND::Conf_Parser::handle_zone('NicToolServer::Import::BIND::Conf_Parser=HASH(0x33c3490)', 'e.', 'in', 'master', 'HASH(0x2a30c50)') called at /usr/local/share/perl5/BIND/Conf_Parser.pm line 762
BIND::Conf_Parser::parse_zone('NicToolServer::Import::BIND::Conf_Parser=HASH(0x33c3490)') called at /usr/local/share/perl5/BIND/Conf_Parser.pm line 856
BIND::Conf_Parser::parse_conf('NicToolServer::Import::BIND::Conf_Parser=HASH(0x33c3490)') called at /usr/local/share/perl5/BIND/Conf_Parser.pm line 887
BIND::Conf_Parser::parse_fh('NicToolServer::Import::BIND::Conf_Parser=HASH(0x33c3490)', 'GLOB(0x2da4c60)') called at lib/NicToolServer/Import/BIND.pm line 54
NicToolServer::Import::BIND::import_records('NicToolServer::Import::BIND=HASH(0x1f88280)', '/tmp/reverz.conf') called at ./bin/nt_import.pl line 61

bind test config file includes this:
zone "e." {
type master; allow-query { any; };
file "/tmp/ipv6";

My zone:
$TTL 300
@ 86400 IN SOA ns1.westmaster.com. support.master.cz. (
2016051601 ;Serial
7200 ; Refresh
1800 ; Retry
1209600 ; Expire
300 ) ; Minimum
@ 172800 IN NS ns1.westmaster.com.
@ 172800 IN NS ns2.westmaster.com.
@ 172800 IN NS ns3.master.cz. PTR server.dathen.com. PTR mail.dathen.com.

Well, zone is created without any problem but after it its stucked on adding NS i guess. I would be very glad for any comment on this.
Thank you !


Odds are, that import logic just needs some more IPv6 attention. I haven't had time to give it yet.