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Started by matt, January 25, 2012, 11:39:44 AM

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BIND exports for NicTool are a work in progress. The way I think I want it to work is:

   a) only export active zones.
   b) never delete zone files.
   c) publish a named.conf.nictool include file, that lists all the active zones in NicTool for that NS
   d) when the exports are set up, edit named.conf to include the NicTool generated one

The biggest advantage to this approach is that it makes it simple to integrate NicTool into existing installations. Include the NicTool generated config file from your 'named.conf' and you're off and running. This approach also allows DNS admins to include other "non-NicTool" DNS data like secondary zones and DNS features that NicTool doesn't support yet (like DNSSEC).

There's other ways to go about this, and I'm open to suggestions.



Some time back I had a script written to extract zone data from MySQL and build zone files in the BIND format (still using this and so far works great).

See this thread:,909.msg2618.html#msg2618

Perhaps you could look at that script and the process I detailed there to get some ideas?



Hi Andy,

BIND exports are mostly complete now. Have a look at the source for it here:

The BIND export class gets invoked by the Export class, so only needs to know how to a) generate a named.conf for the zones, and b) write out each type of zone record that NicTool knows about.

All the heavy lifting is done in, and that part is identical for any nameserver type (tinydns, maradns, bind, powerdns).




Is there a documentation somewhere on how to use this new BIND export script?
If feel like this is out of date.

I am new to Perl and I must say that I don't really know where to go to make it run, so for now I'm using a php script.



Rather than going on your feelings, try following the instructions and see if things don't work out nicely for you?