Location Support - sort of

Started by matt, November 14, 2011, 01:58:56 AM

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As of 2.10, NicTool has partial location (split-horizon) support. That means you can publish DNS records that are answered based on the askers IP. But...

  • the support is only in the SQL tables and exports
  • the web gui hasn't been updated to allow editing location definitions
  • there isn't even a place to store the location definitions
  • the web gui hasn't been updated to allow tagging zones and records with locations
  • which means tagging records with locations is a manual SQL process
  • location definitions must be manually added to the exported data file
  • I'd do that with some entries in the Makefile
  • before I go any further, I'd like some feedback/ideas on how you'd use it, and suggested implementations and ideas. 

With tinydns, location definitions affect the entire nameserver. With BIND views, they can be specified on a zone-by-zone basis. Ideally NicTool will provide a mechanism that sufficiently well for both. One idea is to have a single set of location definitions. Zone records would get a drop down list of locations they could choose from. Implementing this for tinydns exports would be cake. It's not too bad for BIND either.

Before location support can be exposed via the API and web interface (NicToolClient), the Zone and Record sanity checks need to be updated. Many of the record restrictions need to take location into consideration.