Issue with BIND export of zones with slashes in the data

Started by dinopower, June 06, 2016, 12:20:23 PM

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Just wanted to note a situation in case it's a bug and/or can be remedied in some other way.  We're a web host, we use NicTool, customers often want us to point MX records and mail server A records at their on-site systems.  That's of course no problem, we just change the A and good to go.  The issue is if the customer is using AT&T commercial internet service and wants to have their PTR record match the A.  For whatever stupid reason, AT&T will not do this, they require that authority for the PTR be delegated to the same name servers being used for the customer's domain name, i.e. ours, and they do it via a weird CNAME record that has a slash. 

The delegation will be for a zone like this:


where is the customer's IP. 

The export will try to write a file called under a subdirectory 10.20 of the export directory, and fails since the directory doesn't exist.


Oooh, now that's an interesting bug. Somewhere, the path is being determined by the '/' character, and that needs to be handled better. You should open an issue for it on GitHub: