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QMail sending from wrong IP

Started by bmettee, November 16, 2010, 03:40:04 AM

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I've just recently found out that QMail is using the default address on our mail server instead of the one assigned to the mail system.

I have /var/qmail/control/outgoingip file set up, but it's apparently being ignored.

Is there any easy way to re-configure qmail to use the right address?

(my normal work environment is Windows, mail admin is something I don't do often enough to remember all the specifics)

Please help! (AOL is rejecting ALL e-mail from our server, and I'm pretty sure it's because of a mismatched dns lookup)

note: we do NOT have PF installed, so that's not available to change the outgoing connection info


The outgoingip patch is not applied. If you need this feature, you'll need to apply the patches manually. If you aren't familiar with C or djb code, it won't be a picnic.  I worked around every issue of this sort years ago with IPFW or PF rules.



I've got the patch file, am fluent in C/C++, but can't locate the source code for qmail. I partially trashed (and recovered after a very long night) this install a while back by using a different qmail install and don't want to screw up a live server again (been there, done that, will avoid at all costs). I'm sure this worked at some point, but don't know when it stopped.

Since the server could some updating anyway (you worked on it a year ago), would applying that patch during the updates be possible? If so, how much $ and when?

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