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Webmail configuration

Started by Woody, September 29, 2010, 11:19:35 PM

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Hi all,

Installation didnt go as well as I would hope. Not to worry I am working my way through the anomollys. One of which is the fact that somewhere I put in the server name or host name as mail.host.com and I've created an ssl Certificate of www.host.com

Then when I log into https://www.host.com/toaster all goes well until I click on webmail>>squirrelmail. The script is trying to access mail.host.com and I have gone through as many config files as I can and changed all referance to mail.host.com to www.host.com

I'v reloaded apache, and I cant remember what else I have tried but I am having a hard time trying to figure out where the /toaster script referances mail.host.com

I could just go into www/toaster and edit the files manually but I dont know if this would be the correct method to resolve this error.

Once I get that going I will report back with no doubt, a heap of other questions as to where I have gone wrong. I dont think the SMTP server has started up yet but thats a whole other ball game.


The mail server hostname is embedded in the mt-top.html file. Manually edit it and reload the web page.