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Relay Table not being updated

Started by f15radar, January 20, 2009, 02:06:15 PM

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I installed the toaster on FreeBsd 6.4.  Everything is working fine but the relay table is not being updated.  Also the lastauth table is showing 0's for the IP.

I have checked the mysql username and password and they are correct.  I have poured over the log files with no answers.  I am using dovecot.  I figured I messed something up during the install process or in the config file.

Any suggestions?  Is there a log file I can enable or find to help me fix this?



dovecot doesn't update the relay table. If you want the relay table updated, use qmail-qpop3d for the pop3 server.


I haven't needed to change to pop3d, but I am having to use another provider for the next 6 months and their IPs are all over the place.  I dont know how to set up smtp authentication so I want to switch over to pop3d.  I changed it in the toaster-watcher config file and restarted everything, but it didn't work. It still rejected my email.  The provider doesn't have a smtp server so I cant use theirs.  I dont want to use web mail because I like Outlook.  I cant set on a VPN because I am out of IPs. Any suggestions would be appeciated.