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October 18, 2021, 06:48:09 PM

user guide

Started by danone, July 08, 2005, 04:29:00 AM

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First, I'd like to know where I can find a resume about each monitor types details ?

the conf file is quite exhaustive, but there is no mention of type such as cpu or info.
For example how can I do to display uptime, or other things of the 'System OID' section ?

How does the 'disk' type work ? I can't have disk mointoring despite the use of the right OIDs...

Ok, I'll try to express myself in a better English :

is there a user/developer guide ?
I'd like to display information (for example, uptime), and use types I've seen in the sources (such as 'disk', but I don't know how it works.


Rob Lensen

There is no development doc, however if you have some perl knowledge adding features isn't difficult.

The important files:
- RRDutil.pm
In this file the rrdtool data types are defined. So how the rrd file should be made.

- Graphs.pm
Here are the functions of how the created rrd data files should be graphed. For each type of data files there is a function

- HTML.pm
Here the top selection menu bar is created.

- SNMP.pm
In this file the created data type files are filled with data from SNMP.

That's all


Thanks a million for those details.

It might also helps me to understand my other pb about the lack of checkboxes on the load of the cgi script.