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Aliasing Problem

Started by stscanlan, April 08, 2005, 02:48:34 PM

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I just set up my Toaster and it passed all the initial config tests with flying colors, but in the networking section nearly everything failed. I tried to email myself the results to post, but oh well... That's why I don't have the specifics.

I got pop3 to work sort of.. If I authenticate myself as a user in my only virtual domain, I can get in fine and use both SMTP and POP3 through telnet. I can retrieve mail with mailto:myusername@mydomain.org" target="_blank">myusername@mydomain.org as a username, but get an authentication failure with just myusername.

My Squirrelmail barfs with a failed IMAP connection error no matter what I try
ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server.)

and SQWebmail won't go either.

It just sits there and tells me that the account doesn't exist. I can add accounts manually with vadduser and with the web interface, and can see them and edit them with the  qmailadmin interface.

Please give me a hand if you can. Maybe multiple symptoms have a common cause.