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logging issue possibly related to cronolog.

Started by koobs, October 27, 2004, 01:14:45 PM

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I've installed Mail-Toaster-3.45 for a client and have some bizzare issues relating to logs.

None of the *log* directives in toaster-watcher.conf were modified.

- /var/log/maillogs seems to be logging and rotating at midnight fine.
- /var/log/mail looks "ok" althought im unsure as to whats 'supposed' to be in there.
- /var/log/mail/counters/ containes no files.
- /var/log/mail/maildrop.log contains the string "begin" and nothing more.

- /var/log/qmail/ contains:

drwxr-xr-x  4 qmaill  qnofiles   512 Oct  1 03:05 2004
drwxr-xr-x  2 qmaill  qnofiles   512 Sep 17 09:27 counters

The 2 issues:

/var/log/qmail/ logs exist from 2004/09/17 in daily directories until 2004/10/11 but new directories have stopped being created after that date.

I've tried to reconfigure functionality by running "  toaster_setup.pl -s filter" onwards, to no effect.

2) Nightly emails to root do not come through once the box has been up a day or two. running through the procedure above restores this for another couple of days.


1) are there meant to be 2 log locations (/var/log/mail & /var/log/qmail)
2) Does cronolog have a .conf file as such, and if not, where does one modify its behaviour.
3) Is it worth starting from scratch with new conf files?

I'd appreciate any help on the matter.