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Getting email from a RBL server

Started by sonicbum, June 20, 2004, 03:04:24 AM

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I have a mail list server that I'd like mail from (winnetmag.com email lists).  Since installing the Toaster, I've no longer received email from any of the lists I've signed up for.  I'm assuming it's RBL's that are blocking the mail, as I've removed the mailfilter if() that deletes spam, so that I'm seeing everything.

I read in the FAQ that I could put a line in in my tcp.smtp, and I have, but I don't think it's working.,RBLSMTPD=""

I put that line right below above the ### BEGIN QMAIL SCANNER line, and requested an email from their server.

What logs can I check to see the RBL'ed email?

I just noticed in my watcher file that Matt setup my server that this line is set to smtp:

filtering_qmailscanner_method  = smtp   # smtp | tcpserver

Does that mean that my tcp.smtp file doesn't get used?

Any tips would be much appreciated.  Thanks.