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/var/log/qmail/send/processed filling up /var filesystem

Started by spence, April 23, 2004, 05:01:43 PM

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Hi there,

I got my toaster running, sending receiving mail but this file is filling up my /var filesystem. If I reboot, /var drops down to 3% usage.  If I send/receive a few emails, the /var/log/qmail/send/processed starts to expand. Also, current drops down to 0 byte file size.

I tailed the file and it starts it shows the following:

): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n): (y/n):

but expanding at an alarming rate! Eventually I have to reboot.  Any ideas?