Problem with Umlauts in comments?

Started by rainer_d, August 22, 2005, 06:20:32 AM

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not a serious issue, but I saw that though I can enter umlauts (äöü) into the "Description"-field of a new resource-record, they are not saved correctly.
"für" turns into "für".
This is most probably a unicode-bug, somewhere.
Can someone confirm that?

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Hi Rainer,

I can confirm that there are Problems. Umlauts are encoded differently, if your browsers' encoding is ie. UTF8 and you enter "Täst", it's stored as "TÀst"; if you use ISO-8859-1, the same string is entered "TÀst", but funny, if you enter the string in ISO-8859-1 and change your browser to UTF8, the string is displayed correctly.

(wonder how this is going to be displayed here in the forum - now, we'll see)

This is a little bit disappointing regarding that IDNs are not supported (I thought to enter the real domainname in the discription but that won't work this way).



I just checked on this, and UTF-8 characters are now tolerated just fine. It's likely that the SQL conversion of the tables to UTF8 a couple versions back fixed it.